Test Driving SAP Transportation Management Optimization

One of the requests we often get at BestXperts from companies interested in learning more about SAP Transportation Management is whether they can provide us with some sample order data and have us run it through SAP TM optimization.  This is especially relevant for companies that operate their own fleet of vehicles and are interested in optimizing routes, looking for back haul opportunities as well as optimal stop sequencing in case of multi-stop shipments.

Normally, such proof of concept work is a fairly complex undertaking, given the level of end-to-end integration in an SAP system.  This often leaves companies with a tough decision of either paying consulting fees for proof of concept work or purchasing SAP Transportation Management without knowing whether it will actually be a good fit for their business.

So we decided to tackle this dilemma, and provide our customers with a simple and quick way to get a feel for how optimization with SAP Transportation Management can potentially reduce transportation costs and ultimately improve the company’s bottom line.

Here is how it works – you provide us with 2 spreadsheets of sample data containing orders and vehicle resources, fill out an online form adjusting a set of default optimization parameters, press a button and get back a list of optimized shipments built via the SAP TM Optimizer that you can review and analyze in an interactive way.  Yep, its that simple.

Check out these screenshots that showcase this new BestXperts web application:

SAP Transportation Management Optimization
Building a TM optimization – description & input files
SAP Transportation Management Optimization VSR Settings
Sample optimization parameters
SAP Transportation Management Optimization Execution
Executing the optimization
SAP Transportation Management Optimization Statistics
Reviewing optimization results – overall statistics
SAP Transportation Management Optimization Shipment Details
Reviewing optimized shipment details

So go ahead and get in touch with us to see if SAP Transportation Management optimization is a good fit for you.  We will setup a free, no strings attached web meeting and run through the process together.

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