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A dinner chat with Mike Vizdos

I\'ve been following Mike Vizdos @mvizdos on Twitter for quite some time now.  His popular web site implementingscrum.com mixes a healthy dose of cartoon humor with some very practical and handy advice on utilizing Scrum.  So when Mike tweeted about being in Sacramento for the week we reached out and…
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Constriction to Force Ourselves to Create

As I was reading Mike Cohn\'s \"Agile Estimating and Planning\" for the last couple of days, I\'ve taken some notes that I thought were worth sharing and discussing.  The later sections of the book really focus on the technical aspects of agile planning, such as using points for estimation, planning poker,…
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ERP for the modern age

Don\'t get me wrong, we at BestXperts are diehard SAP fans. After all, we earn our living by implementing SAP software. But there are times when we just can\'t stop ranting about SAP idiosyncrasies that drive us crazy. Most of these rants boil down to one common trend - SAP…
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