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Ken Mueller, CFO

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The challenges we face in the very competitive world of the grocery industry meant that we needed to make our substantial investment in SAP Retail worth it and to realize value fast.  We hired BestXperts (now XpertMinds) to lead both our internal project team as well as consultants from other organizations.  They did a great job of bringing the business and technical teams together so that we could make decisions quickly and see results sooner.

What makes XpertMinds stand out from other consulting firms is their passion for keeping business leaders and staff fully involved, educated and supported — before, during, and after the implementation.  Our transition to SAP Finance not only came in on-schedule and on-scope but the actual go-live was extremely smooth and due to the training and on-site support, there was no effect on our operations.  We are very pleased with our more efficient tools and solutions and with the greater real-time visibility we have into key financial data.

We have engaged with XpertMinds again, to lead the next phase of our SAP implementation for merchandising, sales and distribution.  On this project, we’re taking advantage of XpertMinds’ unique mentoring model so that our IT team will have the knowledge they need to maintain and enhance our SAP system for the long haul.

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