Baby, You Can Drive My Car (SAPPHIRE News from BestXperts)

You know that Beatles’ song, Drive My Car?

Sure, on the surface it’s about one person’s dream of fame – but at heart it’s about taking risks.

You can go ahead and hit the road with your vision – and maybe a driver – but you don’t have to get bogged down by planning every step before you even start.

Explore the theme of getting started, paired with some reasonable risk-taking, by joining two SAPPHIRE presentations by Anton Karnaukhov and our client, Woodgrain Millworks.

There is a different way to implement SAP.
Woodgrain and BestXperts didn’t blueprint the project to death but instead set manageable goals; showed the system early and often to business users; and fostered a truly cooperative team model using the agile project methodology, Kanban.

A Different Way to Implement SAP
Tuesday, June 4th at 1:45
Click here for session details.

Optimize how your business moves – SAP Transportation Management 9.0.
Woodgrain worked with BestXperts to become one of the first companies in North America to go live with SAP TM 9.0.  You can benefit from the lessons they learned along the way, and hear an in-depth exploration of the frameworks critical to a successful implementation.

Transportation Management 9.0
Wednesday, June 5th at 1:45
Click here for session details.

So maybe we’re not writing songs that will carry on for decades – but we are dedicated to blending the practical, tried-and-true principles of planning, knowledge and experience with creative thinking and risk taking in order to make SAP implementations faster and smarter.

Hope to see you at SAPPHIRE!

P.S.  You want to hear that song now, don’t you?  Go ahead, throw on the headphones and take a few minutes to get one of the best earworms ever stuck in your head… click here for YouTube(TM).

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